• USA Northwest Costco Sales Dec 31 – Jan 06, 2019 (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington)


    Happy New Year!

    Here is the list of new sale items (advertised and unadvertised) this week!

    Today was a pretty crazy trip to Costco and I DO NOT recommend shopping on New Years Eve fyi… The place was packed and everybody was in a huge rush! I managed to get what I was shopping for (shampoo, conditioner, and soap) and also managed to get items I wasn’t (Costco will get you every time!). While going down the pet supplies aisle I noticed that they have new dog toys. Dog toys in my house don’t last long and it has become kind of a challenge to see if I can find a toy to last more than a couple hours. So I loaded up with every new toy they had to see if any will meet the challenge of the jaws of Everett. Below is a pic of the dog toys and my dog Everett with her new toy which is already partially “de-stuffed”.


    Thanks for visiting!  I shop at Costco every Monday and take pictures of all the new sale items to save YOU time and money!  Come back every Monday for updates!

    Happy Shopping!